Isaac Toast & Soul Food Truck

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  • L4 F1 Food Court
  • Mon - Sun & Public Holidays: 11:00 - 22:00
  • 2155 0685
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Isaac Toast & Soul Food Truck


Isaac Toast- Brand Introduction

Isaac Toast is a very famous and historical toast chained-brand in South Korea. When we talk about Isaac Toast, we have to mention our magic sauce - Isaac sauce. This sauce is sweet and fresh which can increase customers’ appetite. Meanwhile, Isaac not only focus on providing toast, but also the various fresh and special beverages in which the customers can enjoy and experienced the high quality food and drinks in Isaac.

Soul Food Truck- Brand Introduction

Soul Food Truck is a brand new Korean street food brand. “Soul Food” means soul-healing food in Korea. Hence, Soul Food Truck want to provide food with love for our prestige customers and then become their soulmate. Soul Food Truck not only offers numerous traditional Korean street food such as, Korean Cheesy Potato Hotdog, Classic Sausage Rice cake Skewer and Hoddeok, but also Soul Mari (a new style of Kimbap).

*Operating hours might be adjusted. Please check with merchant for details.

L4 F1 Food Court
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