MIZUNO New colorways dropped

  • 29/06/2023
  • L6 11

1997, MIZUNO debuted its WAVE technology, and the wave plate has since been applied to various shoe models of the brand. Among them, the luxurious INFINITY WAVE became the core of the high-cushioning running shoe series WAVE PROPHECY, with its complex structural technology and futuristic feel making it one of the brand's iconic shoes. 

After collaborating with the Japanese artist, Hajime Sorayama to create a special edition of the WAVE PROPHECY, MIZUNO SPORTSTYLE finally introduced the WAVE PROPHECY β last year, inspired by Sorayama's work, combining the sock-like element with the iconic hollow shoe sole structure to create a brand new shoe with a strong futuristic vibe. This season, the brand has once again brought four new colorways to the WAVE PROPHECY β, with black and deep blue showcasing the shoe's futuristic feel to the fullest, while off-white and khaki bring a more understated fashion atmosphere to the sneaker.

Styled by SENSE STORE, the new colorways of WAVE PROPHECY β feature the latest fashion collection of the local fashion unit SENSE STORE as the focus of the shoot, showcasing the shoe's futuristic feel in a trendy way.


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