Embrace the Magic of Christmas 2023 with LUCULLUS Twelve Carnival-Themed Gift Boxes and Hampers

  • 21/11/2023 - 31/12/2023
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Christmas is drawing near, and it’s time to create the coziest preparations for this joyful winter festival! This year, LUCULLUS introduces a delightful collection of twelve Christmas chocolates, cookie gift boxes, and exquisite hampers, all inspired by the theme of “Joyful Carnival”. With the sweet and ceremonial flavors, you can savor the happiness and romance of Christmas together, while sending your loved ones the warmest and sweetest winter blessings. Let’s relish this enchanting and heartwarming festival together.

Twelve Carnival-themed Gift Boxes and Hampers, spreading joy and festive blessings that unite hearts.
This holiday season, LUCULLUS is delighted to unveil a splendid collection of eight Christmas gift boxes. Within each of these, you’ll discover meticulously crafted delights, including handcrafted chocolates, cookies, puff pastries, and other exquisite treats, each with its unique and delightful flavors. To make these gift boxes even more special, they are beautifully adorned with exclusive Christmas-themed packaging designs, perfect for personal use or gifting. These offering infuse a special sense of festivity and ceremony into the holiday season, making it even more magical.
Step into the enchanting world of LUCULLUS with their Magical Candy House Assorted Popping Candy Chocolate Gift Box. This captivating trapezoidal gift box boasts charming magic circus tent patterns on all four sides, adding a touch of holiday magic to your Christmas celebrations. Inside, you will uncover a treasure trove of delightful popping candy chocolates in three scrumptious flavors: strawberry yogurt, mango yogurt, and cantaloupe yogurt. These treats, with their sweet and tangy allure, combine the richness of yogurt with velvety chocolate, all layered
with the joyous popping candy, making the Magic Candy House a true source of holiday merriment.
For a taste of Christmas nostalgia, reach for the Christmas Village Assorted Mini "O" Cookie, elegantly presented in a brown cylinder adorned with a delightful village pattern, evoking the warmth of the season. Packed inside are three types of crispy cookies: chocolate, yuzu, and strawberry, blending classic and fresh flavors to perfection. The unforgettable crispiness will keep you reaching for more, one delightful bite after another.
And no Christmas is complete without the Miracle Merry-Go-Round Assorted Gift Box, designed in the striking shape of a wooden horse that will catch your eye. Within, you will discover an exquisite selection of holiday treats: strawberry yogurt popping candy chocolates, mint dark chocolates, dark truffles, orange chocolate puff pastry, original puff pastry, salted caramel macaron cookies, and strawberry macaron cookies. Each bite brims with festive cheer, a testament to the spirit of Christmas.
At first glance of the Sweetness Christmas Carre Gift Box, you will find four delectable Christmas dark chocolates: mint dark chocolate, orange dark chocolate, 54% dark chocolate, and 85% dark chocolate. This is undoubtedly the top choice for dark chocolate aficionado!
For those seeking an aromatic delight, our Whimsical Fairyland Assorted Butter Cookie Tin awaits. Inside, you will discover an array of nine specialty bakery products, brimming with fragrant goodness. This delightful collection is elegantly presented in a classic box adorned with a paper sleeve featuring exquisite Christmas illustrations. Nestled within are elegant reindeer chocolate cookies that echo the festive spirit, adding to the holiday ambiance.
Fans of LUCULLUS chocolate can also explore the Enchanted Circus Assorted Chocolate Gift Box, a true delight for the senses. In addition to the classic dark chocolate, you will find eight exquisite handcrafted chocolates, including two truffle flavors: the rum raisins and earl grey. There are two charming 3D chocolates: the newly introduced Circus tent-shaped cranberry yogurt dark chocolate and the Christmas Teddy almond crunch chocolate, all designed to capture the enchanting flavors of the holiday season.
Our Fancy Wonderland Puff Pastry and Cookie Gift Box with their predominate theme and rich festive elements, will wrap you in the warm and sweet blessing of winter. The pink-hued house-shaped boxes add a touch of magic to your Christmas celebrations, filling them with joy and sweetness. Among the twelve specially curated cookie delights, you will discover five utterly charming Christmas limited editions: the Christmas tree salted caramel macaron cookies, Christmas stocking strawberry macaron cookies, Christmas penguin butter cookies, and circus bear butter cookies. These delightful treats, alongside the Christmas wreath matcha chocolate cookies, encapsulate the essence of the holiday season, each with its own special significance.
The romantic and enchanting Blissful Ferris Wheel Assorted Chocolate Gift Box is our final offering. Inside, you will find an array of four delectable assorted chocolates: the zesty dark orangette, the sumptuous raspberry chocolate, the crispy mint chocolate malt ball, and the rich hazelnut dark chocolate. These chocolates unite different flavors into a harmonious blend, creating a meticulously crafted Christmas dessert that is sure to warm your heart.
In addition to our enchanting Christmas gift boxes, LUCULLUS unveiled a delightful quartet of hampers: the Classic box, the Exquisite Box, the Deluxe Box, and the Celebration Box. Each of these thoughtfully curated hamper features an array of signature flavor products and a selection of fine wines and teas. This exquisite packaging is the perfect way to convey the sweetest wishes to your beloved friends and family during this cherished year-end festival. Starting from now, the LUCULLUS Christmas hampers and gift boxes are available in all our stores. Get ready to stock up on your festive desserts and prepare for a Christmas filled with love and laughter!

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