• 25/06/2024 - 01/09/2024

This peak summer, Langham Place will collaborate with Disney to hold the "DISNEY POP-UP SUMMER" event for over two months. From June 25 to September 1, in collaboration with three major trendy creative brands, they will jointly create a fun-filled summer exclusive pop-up store. The design elements of the department store will be integrated into Langham Place, with multiple floors filled with Disney character elements, full of surprises everywhere! Along with a large collection of exclusive trendy merchandise that combines fashion, innovation, and cuteness, it is bound to conquer all Disney loyal fans!

First Wave: Popular Street Fashion Label KYUBI Collaboration - Playful Streetwear and Trendy Items

In collaboration with the popular street fashion label KYUBI, a pop-up store featuring the classic Disney character Donald Duck has opened at L3 of Langham Place. Celebrating Donald Duck's 90th birthday, KYUBI has uniquely designed the #DonaldDuck90 streetwear collection and a series of exclusive limited-edition products, including the KYUBI Charm Collection blind boxes, first-time skateboard benches, and tattoo stickers. The third release of the KYUBI Charm Collection blind boxes features 14 designs of Donald Duck family members, ranging from the classic sailor to the luxurious blue look, each crafted in 3D metal and accompanied by a blue leather buckle and a collector's box for fans to enjoy. Additionally, a special #KYUBICharm Collection photo wall is set up at L4, driving fans to go wild with check-ins and discover more Donald Duck exclusive trendy items.


KYUBI Pop-up Store

Date:25 JUN - 17 JUL 

Time:11:00 – 21:00

Venue:L3, Langham Place


KYUBI Charm Collection Photo Wall

Date:25 JUN - 17 JUL 

Venue:L4, Langham Place