Cocolo Tokyo Cake Factory is now open

  • 05/07/2021
  • Mon - Sun & Public Holidays: 11:00 - 22:00
  • B2 19

Cocolo is a local shop origin from Tokyo, Japan which mainly supplies desserts and cakes to major hotels and restaurants. Our signature includes Aomori Apple Pie, De Formage (Cheese Cake) and Oval Chocolate Cake. Obsessed with the authentic Japanese taste, every cake and apple pie are made in Japan with 100% Japanese ingredients, then shipped to Hong Kong by air weekly. For ultimate tasting experience, we use eggs from Wakayama and apples from the homeland of Japan apples, Aomori. Apple Pies from Cocolo are precisely made with 2cm diced apple cubes and delicious custard. Our freshly baked Apple Pies has a crispy and flaky crust which filled with hot diced apple and custard sauce, which you will fall in love with and not be able to stop eating!

Cocolo also sells De Formage (Cheese Cake) and Oval Chocolate Cake . The two-layer De Formage is made with Japanese Hokkaido milk cheese, layering with rich flavor cheese and soft texture cheese. Our Oval Chocolate Cake also combines a rich and light chocolate layerings, which present a delight chocolate ganache taste to you.

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